How many networked people can work on a single Capella project file at the same time?

How many networked people can work on a single Capella project file at the same time?
Is there a document or spec that talks about multi-users on workbenches/ projects files?
(I saw this asked on a linkedin Capella forum but no one answered yet.)

Copy-paste here of my LinkedIn comment. There are two ways to implement collaborative work with Capella:

  1. With the open source file-based version, you need to rely on a configuration management tool like Git and use diff/merge to aggregate all the contributions. This shows to be pretty difficult to implement starting from… 2 users.
  2. Use the dedicated, commercial add-on to Capella. ou can get an overview there:
    With Team for Capella, models are stored in database repositories and multi-user access is managed seamlessly with a granularity as fine as the model element.

Do most companies that use Capella use “Team for Capella” at 300 Euro per month per user? Or are they handling multiple simultaneous users with a different method?
Or do most companies only use Capella one user at a time?

“Most companies” are aware that engineering tools come with a cost (training, support, coaching, licensing). For a large organization, the bigger benefit of open source is usually not the “free of charge” aspect, it is the guarantee of openness and the opportunity to have some kind of control on the tooling / ecosystem (for example by contributing or by relying on open APIs to develop their own customizations).
The subscription plan for “Team for Capella” is not the only one. There are also named and floating licenses. I would say “most” of the large organizations that already committed to use Capella have bought licenses.
But if your need is to share a model between 2 or 3 persons and you are able to implement some kind of rule to isolate the contributions of each person, you can start experimenting Git + DiffMerge.

As announced by Stéphane, I confirm that there are several subscription options.
I should also point out that the budget you will need depends on the number of simultaneous accesses required (rather than the number of individuals).
For details and to discuss the most suitable deployment/subscribtion modes, the best way to proceed is to contact Obeo (or me directly which boil down to the same thing

Oh, and I forgot. We can also offer special conditions for academics