How does HTML add on work? Does it work?

Hello everyone,

I have a problem while using HTML add on for Capella. When I follow the steps of the userguide provided in HELP toolbar option, it does not generate the html file of the model, instead, it is just obtained the next html files, which are no sense, as the model/diagram with all the components that it is the desired output. it does not appear. Do you know if there is something wrong? Or can you explain me the steps to follow in order to obtain my desired output?

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If you navigate in file explorer, then double click on index.html then it will open up the html export in an internet browser.

I generally zip up the html files to send to people (to be unzipped once received).

Note, working with Capella 1.4.2 I have found a bug that if there are requirements using the requirements VP that are un-allocated, the html export will fail.



Hi Josh,

Thanks for answering. The case is that I am working with the latest version of capella, the 6.1 version. When I open the index.html file, this is what is shown:

I do not understand what is happening, what do you think?



Hi everyone,

I have solved the problem. It was my fault, I installed the HTML version for 5.x in Capella. So it was not working. Thanks a lot.