How can I simply get my diagram without Node Physical Component?


I have a diagram in which I show Behaviour Physical Components deployed in Node Physical Components:
NC and its deployed BC

I would like to have the same diagram but showing only the Behaviour Physical Components, i.e. basically the same without the yellow component …

I thought it would be possible by cloning and then applying a filter on the new diagram.
Unfortunately when I use “Hide Node PC”, the deployed Behaviour Components are also hidden and I get an empty page, which is rather frustrating :wink:

Any idea ? How can I get such a diagram without having to create it from scratch ?

Many thanks …

Tentative one: you may “delete from diagram” your Node PCs and then “refresh diagram” → problem: the layout is lost. A layout “copy-paste” may work if you have cloned your diagram. I have not tried it though.

Well unfortunately, applying “delete from diagram” on the Node PC removes also the Behaviour PCs deployed in it.

Performing “refesh diagram” does not help getting back the Behaviour PC.
I use Capella 5.1.

Strange, it works for me…