Grouping Diagrams in Packages

Hi. I want to group diagrams, for example I have a number of OCBs that I want to move into an Operational Capability Pkg to help with organisation. I can create the Pkg and move OCs into it, but can’t seem to move diagrams; when I right click on the diagram there is a ‘move’ option that is greyed out. How can I do this?

To me, it looks like a bug or a missing feature. That works at the SA level but not the OA/LA/PA one.
You may want to raise a feature request here: Issues · eclipse/capella · GitHub

You can group diagrams under the same element by defining the “Package” field on the properties view of the diagram


Nice trick, thanks @pdulth - odd though that Drag&Drop works for the SA level but not the other ones for capabilities diagrams.

It seems indeed that there is an issue for OCB diagrams making the drag’n drop not available
see initial issue opened on OCB's diagrams can not be moved into new Operational Capability Packages · Issue #2652 · eclipse/capella · GitHub and its analysis

Is it an expected behavior ?

(And the same goes on for Capabilities diagrams under LA and PA)