Global rework of interfaces and check EI justification

Hi all,
I’m facing in my model to EI allocation justification issues, and for some, it was caused by my moving the LFE to leaf function when dividing them, trying to continue same way for components. The traces LFE to LI are mixed compared to LIS, and I can’t really check if my EI allocation is still justified this way.
I tried to repair locally, but I have to think about a global solution:
1-Delete all LCS (ES behavior) LIS
2-Delete all Logical Interfaces
3-Ensure no functional port is allocated several times
4-regenerate from LES my LCS and LIS: Capella will regenerate the interfaces and set the appropriate sequence messages in LIS.
But there is an issue: when deleting the interfaces, all exchange item will loose their names, I have 1500 of them.
I have no reasonable plan else than run python routine to copy first the name in summary or description, and copy back after to name.
I still have my issue with Anaconda that I should not use… and at least in my config, P4C depends on Anaconda.
I take any better idea, thanks by advance