getName() method ?

I tried to use a LiteralNumericValue in a service. However, I can’t find the method to obtain the name of such an element ( with for instance a method getName() similar to the method getValue() defined for such a type ).
My guess is that the method is defined in a class from which LiteralNumericValue inherit, and that a cast to that type will solve the issue. However, I can’t display the LiteralNValue in Capella Studio, and find from which class it inherit…
Any help would be appreciated !

Could you explain a little bit more the context in which you have this issue?
When working with viewpoint development in Java, the method getName() is well defined for LiteralNumericValue elements…

I use the version 1.3.1 of Capella Studio, unmodified ( Is there an environment to install in addition to Capella Studio ? ).
I add a capture of the given error to this message. i tried to cast the Literal NumericValue to the Object type, but it didn’t worked either…

After further investigations, I made the problem a little more clear.
I manually wind up all the exports of the ‘Literal Numeric value’ class, and the problem seems to be that the package Element cannot be imported on Capella Studio ( see attachment ).
I am not very accustomed to the development in Java, so i cannot really figure out whether it is a problem of configuration of my own environment or of the referencing of libraries in Capella Studio…

  1. Is your project a plugin project?
    2. Open the file of the plugin project.
    3. Add to the list of required plugins on the ‘dependencies’ tab of the manifest editor.