Generation of OAB Diagram

Hello everyone. I have a porblem with the OAB diagram generation, I wrote my code and when I have lunched the generation i didn’t have any error message, but the OAB diagram wasn’t being generated.
Here is my code :

I also checked the available representations on the M2Doc interpreter to put the right name of the diagram.

I can’t create any diagram on an OperationalActivityPkg and I can’t see any “Operational Entity Blank” diagram either.

You can try the availableRepresentations() service to list existing representations in your project.

You can also open the diagram you want to insert, click on the background of the diagram an use the M2Doc interpreter:

It will give you the type of the element holding the diagram.

Then you can use:

To get the name of the definition of the diagram.

I have tried these queries :

inter 2
I rewrite my code :

But I get this error message :

I have found the solution, i made mistake, because Operational Analysis doesn’t contained EntityPKG but owned EntityPkg. Here is the right code :

Thank @YvanLussaud for helping.

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