Generation of a copy while using M2Doc


I am using M2Doc to export some diagrams. The diagrams are well exported but there is a problem with the Capella model. When I generate the documentation, copies of my Exchange Scenarios are created at the Capella model. This also affects to the description of my diagrams, appearing:
Figure X: Caption Caption_copy

How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance!

A copy of the diagram is created if the OrderedSet of layer names is not empty when calling one of the export diagram services. But the representation is deleted by undoing the change. I’m not sure why it’s not deleted in your case, I suppose an other command is executed after the copy and the undo is on this last command. Which version of M2Doc and Capella are you using ?

EDIT: if the SiriusForceRefresh is true in the .genconf then a copy is also made.


Deactivating the SiriusForceRefresh the Copy is not generated.

Thank you.

Even with the SiriusForceRefresh the copied representations should be deleted. Can you give me the versions of M2Doc and Capella you are using please ? Because it looks like a bug.


I’m using Capella 1.4.0 and M2Doc 3.0.0

I don’t see any issue opened, so I oppened this issue. If you have a minimal reproduction case do not hesitate to attach it. It will help to fix this issue.

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