Generate EMF from Capella Model

I want to create an EMF model from my Capella model, e.g. PAB, so that I can apply transformations to Capella models. I can not find an option neither in Capella not in Capella Studio.

Hi Maria,
I believe that the Capella model is natively an EMF model, so you should be able to apply your transformation in it?

Hi Stephane,
thanks for the reply! I believe in it too, however as I wrote I can not find any option how I can save or export my model in EMF format. It seems like the information about model belongs to the whole project (.aird file) and there is no option to save models separately.
I assume the transformation might be possible with Acceleo plugin, e.g.: UI_launcher
however, technically I am not sure which configuration to use for “mode file name filter”, since as mentioned above the model is always part of the project. Is it possible to keep a model separately, e.g. as .uml file?

Hi Maria,
Actually semantic information (the “model”) is stored in the .melodymodeller and representations in the .aird. The fact everything appears under the aird is specific to the Capella Project Explorer view.