Generate all the PAB diagrams

Hi everyone, i have a problem with generating the PAB diagrams. I wanted to generate all the PAB diagrams. I wrote my code in order to generate all the PAB diagrams, but i have realized that some PAB diagrams are missing. Here is my code :

Thanks in adavance for helping.

With ‘->closure(…)’, you don’t reach all Physical Components.
For example, diagrams in ‘Logical Component Pkg’ are not reached.
You should try:

OrderedSet{pa::PhysicalComponentPkg, pa::PhysicalComponent})

You can easily test you query or parts of it with M2Doc interpreter view:

‘eAllContents’ may appear to be slow on large models.
You can then use a faster query combining ‘closure’, ‘oclIsKindOf’ and ‘if…then…else’ but such query requires a “little” bit of work .

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Thank you so much it works.