Functionnal Chain coherency

For my project, I need to construct thoses two views (here with the RadioClock example):

  • FSscenario
  • SDFB with scenario highlight
    In order to highlight in blue the SDFB view which contain all my fonctions and functional exchanges with my scenario, I need to create the Capella object “Functional Chain” :
    FC :
    My concern is that this is done by hand whereas I have already add all the mandatory informations to the Capella model in my FSscenario diagram.
  • Can I create automatically a Functional Chain from a FS (not found) ?
    If not :
  • Can I execute a coherency check between my two Capelle object : FS/FC ?
    Thanks in advance for your answers and advices.

Thius feature does not exist yet. It has been a request for a long time, but it has never received a high enough priority to trigger the development. Today, there is still no plan for that. My question (in term pf modeling method / strategy) would be: what use case leads you to need these two representations simultaneously?

Hi Stephane,
Thank you for your answer.
I really need those two representations because the system which we develop is quite complex and a clear communication is needed.
So my answer is : communication and understandability of the capella model.
For each capability, aving a functional scenario AND a complete system architecture with highlighted parts helps a lot.

Yes, this feature would be useful.
At the moment, I recommend you create first the Functions and FE on xDFB or xAB.
Then it is very fast to create the corresponding FS as Capella provides only the available FE as messages.