Functional mode

hello every one,

how can I model mode management on capella? (maintenance, test (post, sbit, ibit), operational)

i don’t have any idea how to do that in capella

thanks in advance

Hi @honeyjar, within the Activity Explorer under each layer there is a section called “Transverse Modeling”, here you will be able to crease a new [MSM] - Mode State Machine diagram. Within this you can model the modes and states of the system at the appropriate layer (OA, SA, LA or PA) and relate these to system elements (for example, functions can be made available and related to the modes/states).

Hope this helps, Josh

hello josh, thank you, I just started on capella,

for the moment I am in the operational analysis (first step)

I made a capability diagram (I defined my actors and entities and the capabilities)

a second diagram where I made all the activities that my system must do and I want to know if these activities (will be functions in the next future) ?
and there I make OAIB (diagram of interaction between activities)
in my activities I made [manage management mode in this activity I put sub-activities (switch to operational mode, switch to maintenance mode, switch to post mode, switch to sbit mode, ibit )

but to make the interactions I do not know already is it at this level that I do it or not?

and the MSM diagram, do I do it in this phase or in which phase exactly? and how

in my operational analysis I can make operational activities requirement so for each activity I make a requirement, can I export them after ?

I thank you in advance and sorry for the long of this message

can u give me an example of an MSM diagramme to manage this

As you are new to Capella, I would suggest looking at the “Toy Catapult” project here:

This will give you a good overview of how to use Capella.

I think you need to consider the levelling of your modelling. Switching between operational modes is a high level of detail that doesnt appear appropriate for the Operational Analysis. You have 3 further levels of decomposition. Also, I dont think that the activity/function to “switch to X mode” is good to have, just use the MSM diagram and allocate the functions that are active in each mode.

The model is the requirement, you can write textual requirements if you want (using either the RequirementsVP or Constraints), but I would encourage you to think of the model as requirements. Model elements can be exported either through Python4Capella scripts, or the easiest way is using the Mass Visitation table then exporting to CSV.

As for an example, I think the In Flight Entertainment/Level Crossing examples that are available would be the good place to start.