Functional exchanges mapped in component exchanges


I have a doubt about mapping functional exchanges in component exchanges.
Following Arcadia methodology, all functional exchanges must be mapped in component exchanges. But, this principle, is just applicable for functional exchanges of functions allocated to two logical components? What happen for logical component internal functional exchanges? Following Arcadia methodology, is it correct that these functional exchanges are not mapped to anything?

I have the following logical component with its logical functions and functional exchanges between functions. Functional exchanges that link two functions allocated to two logical components are mapped to a component exchange. But, the functional exchange that link two functions allocated to the same logical component is not mapped to any exchange component (it sounds good since no interaction between components happens, so no component exchange).
Is this modelization correct following Arcadia methodology?


Thanks in advance,

Hello Miguel,

It is completely normal and consistent with Arcadia methodology as the two functions are allocated to the same components the functional exchanges between them are internal. So you do not need to map them to component exchanges.

Component exchanges, by definition are there to represent exchanges between functions belonging to two different components.

So your model looks good :slight_smile:


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