Functional Decomposition

Hi - when I decompose a Logical Function LF1 (for example) in more detail, and I have already defined links to LF1, is there any checking to ensure that those links are preserved, ie that each higher level link is replaced by a link to at least one element of the decomposition.(in order to ensure that all the leaf elements are fully linked when doing top-down decomposition)? Thanks

You are touching here an essential part of the Arcadia method and the Capela tool.
In Arcadia/Capella,
we do not keep the exchanges (links) between higher level functions when they are broken down into sub functions. Instead, the goal is to drag and drop these higher level exchanges to the sub functions (i.e. drag and drop the ports from the parent function to the sub functions). In a finalized design, the links between non leaf functions do not exist anymore. Instead, they are graphically computed from the links between the sub functions.
This is demonstrated starting from minute 41 of this video:

I guess that there are validation rules that help to ensure this?

DCOM_20. It is a validation rule on Functional Exchanges.

Stephane - thanks for the answer - I thought something like that must be possible