functional breakdown trouble

Dear all,
I have just recently been experiencing troubles on my model, on the functional breakdown diagram in System Analysis.
For unknown reasons, one set of functions is being cloned (visually, on the diagram) several times, either hidden or not. However, deleting the clones also deletes the “real” function.
Also, the positioning of some functions keeps being reset to some random position.
Validating the model does not reveal any mistake, and it just seem to have happened over night.
I attach a screenshot of the visibility mode, showing some of the clones. (I started classifying some of them, but this just seems random cloning)
Thank you for your help

Did you use REC (Record)/ RPL (Replicats) of functions in your model?

No I didn’t

Can you please tell us which version of Capella you are using?

It is version 1.3.0

I deleted all of the problem functions, and recreated them, the issue seams over.
Would still be interesting if someone has insights of the issue to avoid further difficulties
thank you

I think this is a bug related to copy / paste of elements in a diagram (fixed in Capella 1.3.1).
Duplicated elements appears after closing and reopening the model.
It would have been enough to delete and recreate the diagram only.