Functional analysis

Hello, my system is made up of 2 parts. For the functional analysis, do I have to consider the system as if there were only one part, and analyze it? or do I have to define all the functions of the system for each of them?

This depends on a few things:

  • How complicated are the sub-systems? Are they large models in themselves needing breakdown through the SA, LA & PA?
  • You say the system has two parts, was this a design decision or a top down constraint on the system? Can this be abstracted to a level which (is still useful) has a common SA?
  • How much integration is there between the two parts? Are they highly coupled?

You have a few options - hopefully this sparks some ideas:

  • Abstract the system in the SA such that the functions are generic, continue decomposition and the parts appear in the LA/PA.
  • Consider the sperate functional analysis in one SA, there may be some interaction between the systems. The separation of these only gets identified at the LA/PA.
  • Have a model to the PA which identifies the two systems, then perform a sub-system transition to have a SA for each system. Uses RECs/RPLs (libraries) to maintain common definition between the two systems.
  • Model the SA, LA, PAs in libraries. Then use the RECs/RPLs to have two models. One for each part with the other being an actor in the other system. The RECs/RPLs will keep a common definition.

Thanks, Josh