Functional analysis - what is function kind ?

I’m new in using Arcadia and Capella and have just started a functional model. I have followed a learning session (too long time ago) and searched for detailed documentation here : to_Arcadia_20150115.pdf
But i have not found any explanation of the meaning of the function kinds : Gather, Route, Split, Select, etc.
So i am wondering what are their meaning, and when (and how) using them ? So i am asking for their definition and some simple use cases to illustrate when and how they should be used.
Perhaps they could provide me a solution to my concrete model problem : i want to model an “import data” function and refine it. I am hesitating to refine it by incoming sensors (import data from sensor A, from sensor B, etc.) which better maps the operator system use ; or by data type (import pictures, import found objects, import position data, etc.) which better maps the software elementary capabilities. My first idea was to refine the “import data” function by sensors at first step, and then for each one, refine by data type (since all sensors could not provide all data types). But then, i would be forced to create duplicates of “import pictures”, “import found objects”… That is why i am asking for the function kind definition.
What could you advise me to do ?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

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