Full functional breakdown structure

Good morning,

I would like to share a need that I have when reviewing a Capella peer model:
Having a diagram to view the full functions breakdown starting from Operational Analysis going down to the Physical Architecture.

Quite often when reviewing peer models, even simple ones, I need to reconstruct the different xFBD diagrams to understand how a function was refined, the needs at top level and/or the function allocation at physical architecture layer.

Will you let me know/share if there are any Python scripts or add-on development efforts that builds the full functions structure?

HĂ©lder Castro

Hi Helder,
I think this add-on in Labs4Capella is what we have that is the closest to your need: GitHub - labs4capella/cross-level-analysis

Hi @StephaneLacrampe,

Thanks for letting me know.
I have installed Capella 1.4.2, as it is the most recommended version, installed the add-on, but I was not able to activate it in Capella.

There was some errors during the unpacking.

My understanding is that anyone can continue with the work, correct?

  • How the contributing works?

  • Is there a contact for reference?

HĂ©lder Castro

@HelderCastro see if you had the same issue when first installing:

Yes anyone can contribute, it is under EPL V2.
No specific contact for reference - I believe this is something that was developed by someone at Obeo for Naval Group, and not much since then happened - Please ask questions on the forum or maybe discuss directly with your contacts at Obeo if you want more info I suppose.

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Hi @JoshWedgwood,

Thanks for your reply.

I did check again and was not able to find the option under Viewpoint Selection - attached.
Viewpoint selection

Attached it can be found one error during installation. There were another 16 Java
An unexpected error occurred Viewpoint selection|528x298 Java



  • The error you get is because your path is too long. Install Capella at the root of your hardrive using a minimal path length
  • (2) you’re probably aware of this but I think that Capella 1.4.2 required you to have a very specific java version installed on your machine (java 1.8 something)

Hello everyone,

Just adding something to Stéphane’s answer: sometimes, unzipping the files with 7zip or similar instead of the built-in function in Windows can solve the issue related to the path too long. So you can also try that if you want.

Morning @martinlb,

Thanks for your message. I have managed to unzip it this morning with no errors with 7zip.

I can see now in Capella the add-on installed (attached).
However, neither following the instructions above nor in the GitHub for cross level analysis, I haven’t managed to activate it.

The viewpoints available are as show on my previous post above.

Any thoughts?


@ErwannTraisnel any idea here?


I’ve tried again on an installation of a new Capella 1.4.2, no additional addons.

-Downloaded https://github.com/naval-group/cross-level-analysis/files/9104382/cross-level-analysis_1.1.0_capella_1.4.2.zip
-Unzipped “features” and “plugins” inside a “Cross-level-analysis” folder, in eclipse/dropins of the capella installation
-Ran Capella and created a new Capella project
-Right clicked on the .aird, selected “Viewpoint Selection”
-“Cross Analysis” is visible and can be disabled

However, I’ve checked my “Installation details” and I do not have the same as you, only Capella is present. cross analysis plugins can only be seen in the features and plugins tabs in my install.

I noticed that you have a “Capella Permission Feature” installed, the issue might come from here ?

Thanks @ErwannTraisnel,

I have re-installed Capella 1.4.2 for Windows and the Cross level analysis replicating your steps above. I do have the same end results.
Below another view of the available viewpoints:
Screenshot 2023-10-26 124749

Will you be able to send a capture of your features and plugins where it shows the cross-level-analysis?



I was mistaken, the plugins are only visible in the plugins tabs

Here is what I see

I have checked the plugins and I was able to see the cross-level-analysis, but not able to set the Viewpoint.
Hence, I downloaded again the plugin and un-zipped. Now, I am able to set the cross-level-analysis Viewpoint and create diagrams for a given element.

It would be great if the add-on would be able to provide a tree structure, not only for a model element, however, the current status would be fantastic to have it for later Capella versions. A major help for reviews and traceability checking.

Thanks @ErwannTraisnel for sharing the steps and for the video you sent,
HĂ©lder Castro