Formulas and special characters in text description

Is there a way to add formulas and special characters in text description or items of Capella?
thanks in advance

Well, yes - not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but for instance, we’ve seen models using Japanese or Chinese characters. Here is an example of a label and a description using a formula.

Stephane Lacrampe
Obeo Canada

Thanks Stephane.
I mean something using complex formula with for example fractions, integral etc…
I would like to add them not in the title but in the text description when needed.

What I noticed when generating text from descriptions, is that the text was of HTML nature.
I bet you can add anything HTML would allow you to.
You can add tables actually, for example…

The easiest way to write your complexe formulas, would be to write them in some web page or a text editor. Copy the text/formulas/tables and paste in the description. It should work.

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It works. Thanks for the info!
Would be nice to have the option to directly write them in the Capella description MMI but this is better than nothing.
Thanks again

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