Folder selection with XHTML Documentation Generation

Using the addon Capella XHTML Docgen v5.1.1 with Capella 5.2.0, when I click on the context menu ‘HTML Documentation Generation’, the input model and the output folder are required.

I´m trying to introduce a valid ‘Output folder’, for which I have tried several options (the default ‘/test1’, ‘platform:/resource/test1/’, creating a test1 subfolder and choosing this path, etc.) but I am not able to achieve it. So, ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’ buttons are not available, and I cannot follow using the addon.


I would thank you any help. Thanks in advance!

In the project explorer, right-click on your project and select New->Folder.
In the wizard that appears, select your project and enter a folder name, then click finish.

Now you can launch again your HTML Documentation generation. For the output folder, select “browse” and select the folder you created. You should be good to go.

Obeo Canada

Thank you very much, this solves my issue.
My mistake was to create the new folder from the Windows file system.

If you do it from the Windows file system, then to make it work you would have to refresh your project in Capella first, so that it takes into account your new folder.