Finding the metamodel etc => How is the "Open Type" wizard supposed to be used in Capella Studio?

Following this page from january 2021 : Metamodel · eclipse/capella Wiki · GitHub

  1. It is said that the “open Type” wizard can be used to find the metamodel of a type.

To create a PhysicalFunction , you will need to know from which metamodel part it is defined. Using Open Type wizard with Ctrl+Shift+T and writing the type, you will find its metamodel.

For instance, with PhysicalFunction , you will see pa .PhysicalFunction, meaning it is coming from pa metamodel (Physical Architecture)

  • The “open type” wizard is DESACTIVATED when you are under the Capella studio default perspective.
    However it works if you are under a number of other perspective types such as : “plug in development” or directly inside Capella (if the dev environment has been established).

How is the open type wizard is supposed to be used in Capella Studio exaclty? It is supposed to show to the user the metamodel ( “you will see org.pola…”). How could we achieve that? Thanks.

  1. (Optional: any documentation on this “PaFactory” mentioned or factories in Capella/eclipse?)

My main focus is on the first question, the second one is optional.

Indeed, this ‘Open Type’ is active only on the Package Explorer view. (which is the one used by default in other perspective)

I’m not sure why the Project explorer is also opened in the Capella Studio view.

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You meant : “Package Explorer”, right.

Thank you, now it is working perfectly. Writing PhysicalFunction , does indeed show the pa information.