Finding alternatives to the offered python package [P4C releases before 2022-08-28]

Instead of using the python37 that can be downloaded from the github and having to use the upgrade pip step,
I tried to use already existing python installations, such as these:

I figured this one “Python37_64” could be similar to the one needed for P4C (older versions),

After configuring and trying to run a script, I got this error message:

“URI has an authority component”

Any time this error showed up before?

This looks like a generic error, Some where an URI has been computed but it is invalid. Maybe an \ or something similar. Maybe one workaround could be to add this interpreter to your PATH or the PATH when running you Capella. This way you should be able to simply reference python (or python3) without the all path that might be the source of this error.
Note if you use EASE 0.8.0 you can use a newer version of Python 3 (I didn’t test with 3.11). If it can help you.

Like this:


I let it download the info and saved.
It did not work still

I think it should be in your shell environment path before you launch Capella:

Windows: How to Set the PATH Variable in Windows - TechPP


export PATH=$PATH:/place/with/the/python_interpreter

Not in my virtual computer, that was not possible.
Anyway a solution i have been told about was to copy paste the library you want to install with pip directly into your lib folder (+ all its dependencies), instead of installing it with pip.

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Thank you for this feedback.

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