Filtering categories in the Capella Project Explorer

I am using Capella v1.3.1.
I would like to filter “Categories” in the Capella Project Explorer (under Logical Architecture) as I can do with “Functional Exchanges”.
In the “Filters & customization” dialog window, under the “Filters” tab, I cannot fin the corresponding tick box. Did I miss the line ? If not, is there a simple way to customize this dialog window to add a new tick box for “Categories” ?
Thank you for your help.

Hi Matthieu,
I believe this is not possible right now. Probably not to difficult to add with a little bit of development though.

Hi Stephane,
Thank you for your reply. When you mention “a little bit of development”, do you mean it could be considered to be added in a future release or that I could add it myself (I have no knowledge of the internals of Capella though )?


Well, I guess you can raise a feature request on the Bugzilla here: and it may be taken into account in the future by the team, or you may also sponsor this development so that you garantee it becomes available.