Filtering add-on - Wrong derivative model using a filter model

Hi all,

I am trying to use and understand how to use this add-on and what it can do for my company.
After reading the documentation related and doing some examples with this add-on using IFE example, I realized that I could be useful to create partial model projects based on a common project, and from there, each partial model will be developed independently.
In order to do that, following the add-on documentation, I created a filtering model and I included into it some filters. I applied these filters to some modelling elements, and after this, I created filtering results to each filter. Finally I performed derivations, in order to create new projects based on filters.
What I expected to obtain was new projects just including modelling elements and diagrams under the filters. What I obtain was new projects including modelling elements and diagrams under the filters and, additionally, all modelling elements/diagrams without any filters.
Is this the add-on expected behavior? Am I doing anything wrong? If everything is well done, how can I perform a derivation and obtain a new project just including objects under the filter?
In addition, and related with this add-on, is there anyway to match/join two or more independent projects created thanks to derivation?

Thanks in advance,