Fast diagrams switching for different modeling activities using MyLyn

Capella includes MyLyn task management plugin that is very useful for fast switching between tasks and associated with them diagrams.

It’s common situation when a lot of diagrams are opened in a Capella editor. When you switch from task to task additional diagrams are opened. In this istuation It’s very hard to quickly switch diagrams using tabs in the editor. You need to find diagrams in project explorer constantly and it’s not a fast procedure. Because different diagrams can be placed in different parts of model.

MyLyn is a task manager embedded into Capella.
It can be used to manage modeling tasks.
It also can be used locally or used with Bigzilla, Jirra and so on (via connectors).

MyLyn helps to organize task contexts. When task is activated associated diagrams are automatically opened. After that it’s possible to open new diagrams. When task is deactivated the list of all open diagrams are stored in the task context. After that diagrams are closed.
If another task is activated another set of diagrams are opened.

MyLyn can be used for single user work

  • User creates several task for different modeling activities
  • When user needs to do some activity he activate the task for this activity
  • MyLyn open all diagrams associated with this task
  • When used needs to do another activity it activates another task

For example different tasks can be created for differenet levels of modeling and
different capabilities of the system.

MyLyn can be used for fast collaboration between users

  • Some Capella user opens several diagrams and see some problems
  • He\She creates bug using MyLyn in Eclipse, automaticall saving all opened diagrams into task context
  • Another Capella user update MyLyn task list from central repository and activate a new bug
  • All diagrams associated with the bug are automatically opened
  • User sees the problem on the diagrams and quickly solves it by editing the model using opened diagrams

Using Mylyn context modeling bridge it’s also possible to save information about model elements were edited when task was activated

In other words it can help not only to quickly open diagrams but also to quiquly find was changed on this diagrams

I’ve not yet succeded yet in using MyLyn context modeling bridge.
But event without it Mylyn contexts are very helpfull.