Failure to save Capella project


Starting using Capella by practicing through the book “Modélisation architecturale des systèmes - Méthode Arcadia”, I’m facing an issue “java.lang.NullPointerException” when saving my current project.

See attached screenshot for details.

I am running Capella 1.4.2 on Mac OS 10.14.6.
Installed JAVA version is “Java 8 Update 121”.

I’m really disappointed to be blocked so early in my learning of Capella/Arcadia.

Please can you help me to solve this issue?

Best regards,

Greenshot 2020-11-13 10.54.35.jpg

I tried to ping Pascal Roques, Hopefully he’ll have an answer!

As a workaround without killing Capella, I switched the workspace.
Then I was able to open again my EOLE_Training project from a previous save…

Sorry, I have no idea…
For years I haven’t had this kind of message and I am using Capella nearly everyday :wink:

You seem to be using a Mac: maybe a technical pb related to the installation?

Hello Pascal,

Thank you for your reply. By the end it would not be so blocking. It happened twice today over 4 hours.
Pressing save button regularly would reduce the inconvenience.

About the installation on my Mac, I used JRE and JDK recommended from another post in this forum.

Let see…



If possible, can you do :
Window > Show View > Other > Error Log
then use toolbar button to Export it to a file and attach it here to see why this error occured.