Extend a "non-basic capella element" in the viewpoint (vptext) files


When creating a DSL viewpoint with Capella Studio, the data.vptext allow us to “extend” classes from CAPELLA basic classes, such as Logical components or Physical Components:

Capella studio does help with the auto complete feature.
However, the auto complete feature would not include Classes that are not native to Capella.

How to import new classes into the Capella Studio IDE developing the the DLS viewpoint? I tired to insert “import lines” into the data.vptext but that would produce error messages, indeed it is expecting a “data” as a first line; No Import.

I would like to be able to EXTEND classes that are not native to Capella, such as classes from the Capella Add-ons let’s say. And then use them in Capella Studio. Is that possible?

I figured it could be a simple

  • Add add-on into dropings of Capella Studio, then → Activate the add-on with the Kitalpha manager.
    This does not seem to work, since the vptext files are not “models”:

I figured it could be depending on dependencies withing the plugin.xml?
I went there and Added all plug-ins related to the word “requirement” let’s say → could not seem to find the the plug in related to the ADDON Capella Requirement → Which Is a Non Basic Capella Element. It is provided by an external add-on.

What else could be done to be able to extend a requirement from the REQ add-on let’s say?


Classical Capella viewpoints allows to create new elements and the generated code makes them already extensible. For example elements contributed by the Basic Viewpoints are extensible and can be extended in an other viewpoint.
About the Requirements Addon, this is not the same as it has been developed in a way that makes the Requirement elements not extending (subclassing) CapellaElement (and ExtensibleElement). The Viewpoint technology used in CapellaStudio is dependent and built on the use of ExtensibleElement instances.

So if you want to extend the classes from the Requirement Addon you cannot (at least directly) use the Capella Studio extension features. Maybe it can be done but it would require some investigations.


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