Exporting a REC

I’d like to export a REC, have a team member work on it, then re-import it into the model. I don’t want to have to export my entire model.
Is this possible, or is the only way to export the entire model, and then do a DIFFMERGE?
Many thanks,

For now, the only option I see to solve your issue is to:

  • Duplicate your Capella model
  • Delete (in the copied model) all the elements that are not part of the rec (keep the rec also!)
  • Export the project and have your team member work on it
  • Import the project into your workspace
  • Select both project (original and imported/updated) and choose option Compare > each others as models using the contextual menu
  • A Diff/Merge window is launched
    You may find also a solution using the detachment functionality in Capella, with which you could detach the engineering phases that are not used by your REC and delete the remaining unused elements by hand, but this is also not an easy way to do.