Export Item-groups to a list

Hi, so many great new!
EMFSpreadsheetIO seems to be exacly what I´m looking for - I will try it soon!
Your “Groovy-Export-Script-AddOn” sounds also very interesting. It looks flexible, powerful and easy/simple.
What have I to do to install the AddOn and get the script working?
(sorry I do not know very much about PluginDevelopment)
Kind Regards

is there an english translation of the documentation of EMFSpreadsheetIO?
Kind regards

Richard, could you wait for 1.2.0 to come out, which is very soon… I don’t have the time to maintain several versions of the groovy addon, and I never created an installable package for 1.1.x. I would create one for 1.2.0 then.

Hello all together,
has there been any progress with the development of one of the querying tools?
Kind regards

Hi Richard,
yes, a few very interesting things are coming:
mass edition and mass visualization: use tables to edit and visualize all kinds of model data. This will come officially in Capella v1.3. We already have very advanced development versions running, but it is still a bit early to communicate publicly on it. If you need to have more information, I invite you to contact me privately via email.

Richard, I have uploaded a preview/snapshot update site that includes groovy-capella for Capella 1.2.1 here:
http://download.polarsys.org/capella/capella-tools/1.2.x/sna pshots/updates/org.polarsys.capella.tools-updatesite- 01806121739.zip
Download the zip and install via the Help->Install new software… dialog you should start with the example. You can import the example by doing New… and then select the “Capella Groovy Example”, I can’t remember if it’s under the Capella or under the Examples subcategory. You’ll also need the IFE example project. You also have to tick the “Development” capability under Preferences->Capabilities. To run a script you have to create a Capella Groovy Launch Configuration. I hope that’s enough info to get you started. Let me know if you get it to work (or not
), but maybe it would be good to start another topic.

Hello Felix,
thank you very much! - just back from vacation
I´ll try to have a look at it soon.