Exploring a Capella project with Capella Studio

I am currently making a model on Capella, and I was wondering, how can I extract the model data?
I started to use Capella Studio in order to make Viewpoints and Validation Rules, and I noticed that there is a pretty useful library inside Capella Studio which allows the user to navigate inside the model. But I can only use it through plug-ins or Viewpoints…
I was wondering:
Is it possible to create a Capella Studio project (I don’t know which kind) from which I would be able to get an instance of a Capella application which is running, and from this instance to follow the project explorer?
My objective would be to create like a “Java mirror” of the project. For example when I find a Physical Component, I would instantiate my own Class ‘PhysicComponent’ with my own attributes.
I imagine something like this:
Instance app_instance = someParameter.getInstance(“Capella”);
Project clock_radio = app_instance.getProject(“Path_to_clock_radio”);
LogicalArchitecture LA = clock_radio.getLogicalArchitecture();

Or maybe no need for the Capella application to be running:
Model model_clock_radio = someParameter.getModel(“path_to_clock_radio”);
LogicalArchitecture LA = clock_radio.getLogicalArchitecture();

Thank you in advance