Exchange scenario: missing source/target function in case of generalization


is the following Capella behavour on purpose?

  • I defined an actor A with two actors B1 and B2 that are both generalized actors of A.
  • In an [ES] diagram, I am able to select “allocated functions” from A for B1 an B2.
  • For the same [ES] diagram however, I am not able to define a function exchange - neither for B1 nor for B2 - with source or target functions from A. The selection for source or target functions does not show A’s function as existing interfaces.

Is this behaviour on purpose. If so, why is it on purpose and what is wrong in my way-of-thinking?

Observed with official release 5.1.0 and with 5.1.0, Build id: 202108051205.

Best wishes,