Exchange Context within Functional Chains

Although there is a field for Exchange Contexts within Functional Chain Involvement Links, there is no mechanism for displaying the Exchange Context in the Functional Chain Diagram.
In the example below I created a dummy Functional Chain and added an Exchange Context named “Exchange Context Sample”.
I then used the “Constraints” accelerator to bring the generated constraint to the diagram. (in the scenarios there is a dedicated Exchange Context accelerator for this).
The displayed constraint does not display the light yellow link which links Exchange Contexts to Interactions in scenarios.
Is this intended? Or should I open a bug report in the bugzilla?
(I understand there is a workaround by using a ContraintElement relationship to point the constraint to the Functional Exchange Involvement Link which I am already using. I just wanted to know if a bug should be reported)
Obs.; I’m using Capella 1.4.0

2020-07-29 14_45_58-workspace - platform__resource_subteste_subteste.aird_[SFCD] FunctionalChain 1 -.png
2020-07-29 14_45_58-workspace - platform__resource_subteste_subteste.aird_[SFCD] FunctionalChain 1 -.png

Hi Fabio,
To me, it would make sense that when you create a constraint directly from a model element from the Exchange Context field, then the link “ConstraintElement” is automatically created (and then displayed in the diagram when you decide to display the constraint. But I may be wrong.

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