Errors in Operational Analysis Validation

Hi everyone,

We are modelling a system in which some of the Operational Capabilities involve several Operational Entities/Actors, sometimes common to two or more OCs.

Furthermore, some of the OCs have common Operational Activities (note, this is not a mistake). More specific, in some cases when describing the Scenarios related to each Operational Capability we need to allocate some of these common Operational Activities allocated to different Operational Entities Actors (related to different OCs). The consequence is that under Root Operational Activity, activities with duplicated name appear. We encountered no problem when developing the different diagrams, however when validating the Operational Analysis the Error: Root Operational Activity contains 2 elements with conflicting names - ID 19 appeared. Let me point out one more time that the fact we have duplicating activities is not a mistaken but something that reflects the reality.

We are wondering if this error will affect the development of the System Analysis and the rest of layers. Is there a way of allocating the same operational activity to different actors without triggering this error? And without manually editing all common OAs to have a slightly different title.

Thanks for your help,


Actually this is more a warning than a real error.
There is no consequence in Capella having 2 (or more) elements with the same name.
If there is a good reason behind it you can just keep it like this!

And eventually you may want to deactive this validation rule in the preferences, if in your case this makes sense.