Error using requirements-viewpoint with fragmented Model

Hello all together,
I have encountered another problem when using a fragmented Capella-Model:
org.polarsys.capella.vp.requirements-dropins- 332
When I generate a new Model, reference the requirements-VP and try to import a ReqIF-file the merge window opens -> ok.
As soon as I fragment the model (e.g. the “Operational Analysis”) and try it in the same way I get an error.
Can anybody else reproduce this behavior?
(there is another issue with fragmented models and using REC-elements and Libs, see

Hello all together,
can anyone confirm this problem with a fragmented model?
Or is nobody else is using model fragmentation together with the requirements VP at all?

I do reproduce,and the error message shows that it is related to the extension of the file. So, it is clearly a bug. Would you be able to declare it in the Capella bugzilla?

Thank you,
I submitted it into the Requirements-VP Component
ticket 2191