Error in python4capella setup?

Hi there,

I’m new on capella and capella4Python. I’ve followed instructions found on this forum to install and prepare everything for capella4Python. Now, trying to run “sample_scripts” but with insuccess :frowning :frowning:

could you help me ? (Capella 6.1, Pydev 9.3.0, capella4python 1.2.0)

Did you follow the installation procedure on the github page:

Because you seem to have one version or no version of the Java API and an other version of the Python API. There is no call to isSystem in the version 1.2.0 of Python4Capella. The Java method has been removed.

Hi, thanks for the hint. I’ve indeed followed those instructions initially and re-attempting now. Seems that I have the 1.2.0 release already installed

Did you have a previous version of the Python4Capella project in your workspace ?

Yes, indeed, the issue was a conflicting previous installation!


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Some work need to be done to make Python4Capella more modular and hopefully be able to keep python API in plugins.