Error [ECLASSIFIER=Requirement is not registred in the current environment]

Hello all,

Using M2Doc to generate a requirement file, my current case, I browse my interfaces to retrieve the requirements that are allocated to that interface.

When I do it without a for loop, it works fine. But with a for loop I get this error that I try to understand what is the cause, I can’t find a solution to it.

The picture below shows the error returned by M2Doc.

Do you have any idea what it is?
Or do you have any solutions?

Thanks for your feedback

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I think you will need to add the nsURI for the metamodel requirement in your template. You can use the template properties wizard to do this (see the nsURI tab).
To find the nsURI to use, you can select a Requirement and use the following expression in the interpreter view:

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Thank you Yvan for your feedback, it worked