Ergonomy question: Is there a way to import Capella odesign files in Capella Studio if you are working directly under the odesign editor?

I noticed that using the vptext files (data or diagram) to generate a viewpoint would automaticaly add the capella ecores/odesign under the ecore editors of the viewpoint or the sirius specification editor (providing your lines of code are related to some capella element).

However, if you choose to work directly under the ecore/odesign editors and forgot to put a line of code mentioning a capella element (such as import external plaform…AcapellaElement.ecore, or extended-diagram: PhysicalArchitectureBlank… import: PAB_PC etc) then your ecore and sirius editors will NOT contain any capella library.

Here is an example of the editors for the 2 cases, in the left the capella ecores and odesign files are loaded automatically.
In the right, no code in vptext mentioned capella elements, so no capella ecore/odesign were generated.

If you have already started to create classes on the ecore editor, or already started to edit the odesign file, and you don’t have the capella ecores/odesign linked then it becomes a bit tricky. Because you can’t simply RELOAD your actual ecore / odesign by going back to the vptext, indeed you could ERASE them.

Now, under ecore editor, there is a solution, you can use the

Right click → Load Ressources → Browse registered packages

However the odesign editor, this feature is not really available. You can’t browser the registered packages, you need to download them one by one manually from a Capella installation.

Is there a way to IMPORT the ecore/odesign files inside the sirius specification editor easily?

Subsidiary point: my suggestion would be to create a button or a feature that instantly “import” all capella ecores/odesign under your actual ecore/sirius spec editors. I mean this is “Capella Studio”, after all. All Capella elements should be available under the editors, at all the times. Is this an Eclipse limitation more than anything?