Enterprise Architect Import/Export

This is very difficult. I have some experience importing EA data into capella, but not the other way round. I have not tried this, but maybe it’s interesting for your case:
https://www.itemis.com/en/yakindu/ea-bridge/ (I am not affiliated with itemis, neither do I know how well this product works)

In the frame of a large THALES project, we needed a tool for our transition between system Capella model and Software models under Enterprise Architect.
We have asked Guillaume Finance (VISEO
guillaume.finance@viseo.com) to build this tool for us. The scope of the export/import between Capella and EA is limited to our very precise needs : following Capella objects are synchronized with EA :

  • Hierarchy of physical components (behavioural components)
  • Physical ports of physical components
  • Physical component exchanges and contained Exchange items
    This allows to share the interfaces of our physical components (defined in Capella) with Enterprise Architect models.
    Thus, in Enterprise Architect, the interior of the inherited physical components is detailed but all the outside of the component is coming from Capella and can be synchronized for all components.
    +++ Note that we have targeted a specific solution dedicated to our needs and that there is no plan to expand the functional scope.
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Hi, i am meeting the same problem as you. I need to migrate the EA model to Capella, Could you kindly tell me the solution how to fix the problem? I had built system model in EA, now need to migrate the whole model to Capella, including model elements and diagrams. Do you know any better solution now? Thanks a lot!