EMF Diff/Merge : same match keys

Hello everyone,

I am working with Capella 1.4.0 and I recently encountered the following problem while merging 2 branches of my model :

image (1)

The curious thing is that on one branch I worked on the System Analysis and on one scenario. On the master branch, my colleague worked on the Physical Architecture. So we did not work on the same parts of the model, and we still had the message “Some elements have the same match keys, which results in an ambiguous matching”.
We finally resolved the problem by resolving the merging conflicts just like we used to, but we still don’t know why this message appeared and if it will appear in the future.

So if someone knows what really is the origin of this message, it will be very helpful for me.

Thanks in advance
Christian KOUMLAH

Hi Christian,
I hope someone can answer your question, but you may want to consider Team for Capella for better collaboration: https://www.obeosoft.com/en/team-for-capella

Hi Stephane,

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your answer.
I will have a look at “Team for Capella”.


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