Embedded images have 133% size

Hi all,

some of my elements have images embedded in their description. Exporting the description with the images works in principle, however, the images are too large to fit on the page. Changing size via Image Properties is not changing anything in the outcome: The image in the exported word file is always 133% of the original size. That means, it does not even consider the custom size I entered in the image properties it is always referring to the original image properties.

The only “solution” I have found so far is sizing my pictures to ~75% of the size I want them to be in the document BEFORE embedding them in the description.

Another issue I found while looking for a solution:
Only images that are copy-pasted into the description are shown (URL: ). If I embed an image with the “Add image” function I get the following error: An I/O Problem occured while reading platform: Resource does not exist.
I’m using a relative path and within Capella I can see the image just fine.

So in summary, I’m encountering two bugs (Capella 1.4.2, M2Doc 3.1.1):

  • Embedded images are exported with 133% scale
  • Linked images are not exported at all


There is an issue opened for the first problem:

I was not sure what status I should give to this issue. As a workaround, you can write a service that will take a List of MElement as parameter and then resize the MImage.

For the second problem, can you open an issue here with a minimal reproduction case ?
I guess the URI of the image in the HTML description needs to be resolved in order to be accessible.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late response. I created an issue here:

Thank you for opening the issue. I’m not currently working on M2Doc but I’ll have a look when I get back to M2Doc.

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