Elements moving in unwanted direction / to unwanted position when being moved using the keyboard arrow keys


Does anyone experience this when using Capella?

When I have some elements selected and move then around with the keyboard arrow keys sometimes unusual behavior occurs exhibited by:

  1. Elements initially move in keyboard arrow direction but then stop moving even though keyboard arrow key is still being pressed and there is enough empty space in the Diagram Editor for the elements to move in to.
  2. Elements “jump” or move to an unwanted position while being moved with the keyboard arrow key.
  3. Mouse pointer snaps to one element in the selected element group.

Maybe 3 is “normal” but 1 & 2 can be a bit annoying. The elements should move based on the arrow key direction input only but elements seem to move off course for some other reason which seems to be linked to mouse cursor position somehow.

Any ideas?

No idea but I have experienced that using the arrows does not move items in main directions 'right is sometimes climbing as well or only or descending (eg).

Hello Thierry,

Yes, I have experienced similar. It comes under item 2 in the list (now updated the text to be clearer).
Thanks for sharing.