Edition Table Description: Capella Elements Description breaking single lines into multiple lines issue

Let’s take the example of a table generated through the Edition Table Description as follows:

The column “Test2” contains the descriptio of the element.
In instance, the description of the component LC5 is as follows:

It contains 3 sentences, which are separated by LINE BREAKS.
The text contain hidden HTML elements but that is not a problem right now.

The real problme now is, wether there is HTML tags or not, the line breaks remain, and these line breaks make the csv file generated (and then opened by Excel), lose its first configuration, In this example each Logical Component, instead of being described in one sigle line, they are described in multiple lines:

Test1 Test2
c3be4fb2-0281-4798-a44a-2e646d27aa7e LC 5 '




23bb0e05-c858-4bc5-b8e3-000a971a2c26 LC 6 '




881ed41e-7ef7-4c85-845e-a2fe4d340422 LC 7 '




(Image version:

I added the borders manually.

Question: is there any way to keep the description of the items while maintaining a normal version of csv/excel? (not breaking them into multiple lines) → To sum up, is there a way to make the transition from an edition table to csv, not take in account the line breaks inside the column “test2t”?


When exporting mass views, you have to remove long text fields because of the carriage return.
I don’t see a way to avoid them to be seen as record shift… nor to make a correction.
I used many of these exports, you have to save as xlsx immediately to avoid loss of data: csv is limited to 255 characters for all fields you take…
The separator you set (use tab, have a look in preferences) is not used while exporting, but only by excel when reading the file. I’m using the SQL functions in excel to read them in a new book, where all analysis are made. I split the columns during this processing.


PS: long text are description and review

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