Editing the Workflow

I have created a viewpoint that I am happy with and achieves the objectives I set out for it.

Within this viewpoint I have a diagram. Currently I create this diagram using New Diagram/Table options under the package in the project explorer.

I would like to edit the Workflow, within the System Analysis section, to be able to guide the user to be able to create my new type of diagram.

Where in the viewpoint structure would I go about editing workflow?

Thanks for any guidance you can offer :grinning:

Bump… has anyone been able to do this?

Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh,

Maybe this will help: https://wiki.eclipse.org/images/6/66/Activity_Explorer-1.0.0.pdf


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Looks like a great starting point @SamuelRochet. Will take a detailed look. Thank you.

So firstly I created a new project:

  • File/New/Project/Plug-in Project
  • I called this “org.polarsys.capella.core.activity.explorer” as per the guide.

Which is different to how I would normally create a viewpoint (which is File/New/Project/Kitalpha/Architecture description/ Viewpoint DSL project)

First step, as per the guide, is to create the dependencies.

  • org.eclipse.amalgam.explorer.activity
  • org.eclipse.sirius
  • org.eclipse.sirius.ui
  • org.eclipse.sirius.diagram
  • org.polarsys.capella.core.ui.toolkit
  • org.polarsys.capella.core.model.helpers

All of these were fine other than; org.eclipse.amalgam.explorer.activity → This was not avaliable as an option. Only org.eclipse.amalgam.explorer.activity.ui & org.eclipse.amalgam.explorer.activity.ui.source.

I selected these two alternatives. Will this cause me issues?

Then on point 12, the class selection is very limited compared to what I suspect is needed:

Is this because of the first issue I mentioned?

Then, from point 13… it goes into creating various java classes etc.

Where are these supposed to be created and stored?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I think you can look at the cybersecurity viewpoint.
It adds some sections in all pages of the Activity Explorer


capella-cybersecurity/usermanual.mediawiki at master · eclipse/capella-cybersecurity (github.com)

capella-cybersecurity/plugins/org.polarsys.capella.cybersecurity.ui/src/org/polarsys/capella/cybersecurity/ui/activity at master · eclipse/capella-cybersecurity (github.com)

capella-cybersecurity/plugin.xml at master · eclipse/capella-cybersecurity (github.com)


It shall be in a sub folder of the src folder i think.

Hi Philippe,

Nice teasing for this afternoon’s webinar! :smile: