EclipseCon Toulouse Workshop

I have proposed a
Workshop on Capella at the next EclipseCon Toulouse (24 June).
This workshop will last 105mn. It is aimed at beginners wanting to know what is the Capella modeling tool and the underlying Arcadia modeling methodology. Of course it is a short time, so the idea is to guide attendees into the first steps of using Capella, with a simple case study that will be demonstrated by the presenter, from Operational Analysis to Physical Architecture.
Do not hesitate to send us feedback if you are interested or know people who are interested.

The Capella workshop is accepted ng-arcadia-method-and-capella-tool
See you in Toulouse on June 24th!

Congratulations Pascal!

Thanks for the workshop and the after-workshop chat, Pascal. I attended EclipseCon 2015 only for your workshop and am quite happy with the results. Am excited about using Capella in upcoming projects.
Could you share the English language radio alarm clock model you showed in your slides?