Duplicate a Functional Exchange

how do I “duplicate” a Functional Exchange?
If I have a function “Sensor” and a Functional Exchange “Temperature_T1” transmitted to function “Actor_A” and “Temperature_T1” has also to be sent to function “Actor_B” - what is the best way (best practice) to create this Functional Exchange?
Is there a way to ensure that the Functional Exchanges are identical - that they have the same name, the same content (Exchange Items, …?) and so on?
BTW: is there a way to show/list Functional Exchanges in the Project Explorer?
Kind regands

Hello Richard,
If you want to specify that the contents of both functional exchanges is the same, first define an ExchangeItem to describe it, and then link it to both exchanges. The name of a functional exchange is not expected to be a formal way of sharing a definition, ExchangeItem is.
Second question that you might consider: should both functional exchanges share the same origin output port, or not ? The answer depends on the exact role of source function (‘Sensor’): should it only produce temperature for any user(s) that may need it ? In this case, you would have only one output port, both functional exchanges would start from it. Or should ‘Sensor’ function specifically produce two different outputs (e.g. the same temperature - thus same exchange item - but with different precision and update frequencies) ? In that case, you should define two different ports.
(Note: to clearly distinguish between functions and components - and to prevent confusing them -, it is advised to use verbal forms to name functions rather than names).

Hello Jean-Luc,
thank you for the details.
I think a more strict handling would make sense. Functional Exchanges comming from one Port or Duplicate should have the same Exchange Item etc.
Kind regands

Yes it would make sense. Could you file an enhancement request in bugzilla? (but don’t get your hopes too high, I don’t see the team able to take that into account before a while (question of priorities…)