Dropins while Running Configuration


is there any way of using an already created viewpoints (requirement VP specifically) while running a configuration of Capella Studio? I want to use the Requirement Viewpoint while running a viewpoint (in Run Configurations…) that I am developing but I don’t know how to do it. I’ve tried to put Requirement VP in the dropin folder of Capella Studio but it doesn’t work. Any advice?


Hi, yes,

On Windows > Preferences > Plugin-Development > Target Platform, you can define the targeted environment for the addon.

In it, you can add the installation path of the RequirementVP addon and you will be able to refer to it in your addon dependencies.

Afterwards, choose the target application and apply.


Afterward, in a MANIFEST.MF plugin of your addon, you will be able to refer to plugins from RequirementVP


In the Dependencies tab, with the Add button.


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