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I am exploring Capella-DOORS integration. We have modelled the system, logical, physical systems in Capella. I would like to know if there are any existing add-ons for Capella - Doors integration. if there are add-ons, it would be helpful if someone can throw light on the ways to integrate capella to other requirements systems.

Capella currently supports the Requirements Viewpoint add-on (See here:
This allows you to do a uni-directional (from DOORS -> Capella
only) via a requirement exchange format called REQIF. (see IBM:
Capella is not designed at present to be a requirement management tool, but it can enrich diagrams with requirements managed elsewhere.
Other tools besides DOORS can export/import via REQIF.
Big note here: Capella cannot export REQIF, so it is a unidirectional exchange.

Hi, I have just discovered Capella and am also very interested in DOORS integration. In fact, it is one of my key requirements. Is the above information (dated Jan '20) still valid?
Can Capella export information to Excel (or csv), which can then be imported to DOORS, thus giving bidirectional integration? (I am currently using DOORS classic, not Next).

Hi Tony,
You could use the Mass View tables in Capella to export in csv. But to be honest I am a little bit skeptical you can reach true bi-directional integration with this.
Another option would be to contact us so that we can do an ad-hoc development for you to manage this, or you may be interested in Publication for Capella:
Stephane Lacrampe
Obeo Canada

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