Does Team for Capella allow Read-Only access?

If we get 10 licenses for Team for Capella, what happens when the 11th person tries to open up capella.exe?

I’m looking to see if it will kick them into Read-Only access of the latest model. I don’t want them to see an error message and a blank screen.

Or is there an option to configure a Read-Only version of the software?

Generally speaking this forum is more about Capella and its open-source add-ons, you may contact us directly for Team for Capella or other Obeo commercial products related questions.

Nevertheless I can answer this. So the answer to your question is:

  • (1) if a user does not have a valid Team for Capella license, then he won’t be able to access the repository.
  • (2) but any user (without a valid license) can at any point in time download a local version of the model that can be read by Capella locally
  • (3) you may also publish your model so that this export is accessible with a browser (using the XHTML export or publication for Capella)

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