Does Capella feature any compatibility with UML2 XMI format?

I would like to know if Capella provides any kind of compatibility with SysML models in UML2 XMI format.
I’m testing some different tools like Eclipse Modeling Tools, UML Designer, Papyrus… but I haven’t found any information related to Capella regarding if it is possible to import a SysML model in UML/XMI format.

Hi Peter,
As far as I know, there is no such a feature in Capella core nor in open source add-ons.
However we (Obeo) can provide a SysML import/Export if any (commercial).
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Dear Samuel Rochet,

if I understand this post right, there is an Import/ Export function availabel in Obeo to transform SysML to Capella and vice versa.

Is there an Obeo License for academic use available?

The interoperability of Capella with other MBSE Tools may be in the scope of my master thesis.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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Hi Theodor,

Yes, you understood right.

I suggest that we discuss directly SysML import/export but also about the interoperability of Capella in general.
I will propose a few slots in a private message.


Dear Theodor,

I’m Jonathan Lasalle, in charge of the MBSE-related activities at Artal/Magellium.

We developed some open-source Capella bridges (to/from Cameo System Modeler SysML, to Enterprise Architect UML…) in collaboration with other companies.
We are currently internally working on the expansion of these bridges and on the integration of them on a common foundation that will integrate some advanced features (customization, incremental support…). This new version will be a part of our commercial offer (

Keep in mind that the conversion rules provided by any bridge depend on the usage of the two languages. Thus it generally needs some customization.

Do not hesitate to contact me: