Documentation to create viewpoints

Hello everyone,
I am about to create my own Capella Viewpoint as part of a big project. This would be a “complex” viewpoint, as it would be made with several classes linked together with associations, aggregations, compositions, and linked to or contained in Capella elements.
I would like the user to display and modify the nodes related to my viewpoint, then export somehow all the data of the viewpoint in a easy format outside Capella (excel ?).
I believe all of this is doable using Capella Studio.
My understanding of the creation of viewpoints for Capella is today limited to :
this wiki :
these two tutorials : (“Viewpoint: the making of. Customizing Capella with Capella Studio in 20 minutes” and (“Creation of viewpoint with Capella Studio 1.1”)
the code source of the 4 viewpoints that we can download from the Capella website :
The embedded documentation is, sadly, quite empty.
Am I missing documentation somewhere ? I could begin my project mimicking what I have found, but I think I will get stuck at some point, especially when I will try to create rules to shape the behavior of all the instances.
Thank you for your time and your help,
Have a good day,

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